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I Am A Flaming Douche Bag

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Now dont be too harsh with me as this is my first concept. I made it in paint so it may not be the best but hey, I gave it my best.

I didnt put a name on the back because I couldnt find an NHL letter set, the one on this site wouldnt open for me so does anyone else know where I can get some?

Btw, I couldnt get rid of those lines going through the jersey, it ruined it so I just left them.

I might add an alternate jersey later.

C&C Please:)

Calgary Flames Home Jersey:


Calgary Flames Away Jersey:


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It's very messy and all you did really was fill in parts of the template that was there to guide and direct you, not one that was made as a "Paint by Number".

There is no nameplate in the back and the numer is off-centered.

I didn't mean to sound harsh, but those were my opinions.

Also, save it as a .PNG next time. When you save it as a .JPG file it tends to make the image pixilated and blury.

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Paint is no excuse--I've seen much worse on Paint, and I've seen people use it that you can't tell it was done in Paint.

What you need to clean up those lines is patience--it's not too hard to do.

As for the concept itself--as a Flames' fan--I don't like it--

1-too much black (But their current jerseys are guilty of this--at least the home ones are.)

2-the black outline on the home unis makes it look like there's a smaller jersey on top of a black one--kind of disconcerting.

3-The curved lines on the sleeves & the shoulders are jarring.

So--take more time on your work, have patience.

Clean it up.

Try again.

And as above--save as a png.

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