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Pac 10 Footy Series part 4


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first, the first three parts:

Washington and Washington State

Oregon and Oregon State

Stanford and Cal

and now we escape to L.A, where two schools battle it out for citywide bragging rights. First up, them wodies from Westwood, the Bruins of UCLA



and next up in the oval, the ghosts of the Coliseum, the USC Trojans



yeh, I've been told lettering tends to get lost on the front of footy jumpers, but heh, it's undeniably them. the detail on USC's striping...well, it's sorta obvious. heh, if I hadn't thought of it, I woulda simply used the SC monogram by itself.

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What sport is this for?

Aussie Rules Football.

Another couple of great concepts Discrim. I especially like the incorporation of the shoulder stripes on the UCLA football unis. Looks really sharp on the clash jumper.

I think USC might look better with the Trojan on it. Though the SC still looks classy.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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