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Flyers home jersey concept


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If you didn't like the Flyers' new black home EDGE jerseys, here's a nice orange jersey concept for what should've been.


Maybe it's my monitor... but I don't see "nice". I see yecccch. As terrible as the Flyers' new look is, this doesn't improve it.

1. The orange is way too pale.

2. The Flyers' traditional name/number font is conspicuously absent, and in its place is generic blandness.

3. The sleeves had been contrast colored since the team's inception 40+ years ago to convery the image of motion. It's why the ends of the sleeves had the curved portions, to represent wings ever so subtly. There's nothing to suggest flight or motion in this concept. It's very stationary.

4. The shoulders are white. The collar is a dirty light gray.

5. The blocks of color are entirely arbitrary and follow neither the contours of an EDGE jersey nor any design principle. They're just there for the sake of being there.

6. Nothing on the jersey looks like it belongs. The crest is all about motion and graceful rounded shapes. The sleeves are cut off from the body of the jersey by a straight line. The sleeves are bisected by a blob of black with no parallel lines, then end being totally white.

7. The Flyers have never used unoutlined numbers. Or black numbers. Ever.

Sorry. There's nothing nice about this concept, and that's from a lifelong Flyers fan.

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