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Raytown, MO new middle school _ Update


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Hello Graphic Warriors,

I am updating you on our progress of deciding on Mascot & colors for our new middle school. The committee meet for couple of hours, Jan. 8th. We came up with three/four color schemes and five mascots.

Mind you, I posted the 22 mascot suggestions from this site and interviewing folks around Raytown, MO.

The top five mascots:

Ravens, Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, & Tigers. Since our present two schools have bird mascots (Cardinals & Bluejays), the main theme was birds but it was not limited to this. The only one I was disappointed in that did not make the cut was "Orioles."

Colors: Purple & Silver, Black & Gold, Green, White & Black, finally, Purple, White & Black.

Why purple??? The current colors of the two schools are Red/White and Blue/White. When red & blue are mixed, you get Purple.

Pantone, if your reading this - I'll need your help. I need our "true colors" when we decide and present them to the board of education.

We will meet next week to finalize our choice. I have been assigned to have "LOGOS" of the Ravens, Hawks & Tigers in all the color combonations. Really, I will be doing only three logos and the other person is doing the other two logos.

NOTE WELL: My recommendation to the board was to spend some $$$ and have a graphic artist design our very own logo and not just use a recolored logo that already exsists. I don't just want to recolor the Atlanta Hawks New Logo and use it - however, this will be decided next week at our other meeting.

What I would like is to have several "recolored or original logos" for our presentation next Tuesday - Jan. 15th. If your up to the task, you have your foot in the door when and if the committee wants an 'original' design. Nothing is set in stone.

Your recommendations in November were very helpful - thanks to all who contributed!!!! :)


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i don't really know what you're asking for but for what its worth i have a couple Ravens logos I was using for reference for a new Baltimore Ravens concept i'm working on. they are very simple, i just live traced a couple pictures of ravens in flight and modified them and tried to simplify and find common elements. again, they are no Hawks new logo, but they aren't too bad and could be used. i guess i'll just wait to see what other people post.

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The main purpose is to present several of the logos in the color schemes so that the commitee gets and idea what it "Could" look like and it gives us a chance to see what colors would work best for each logo.

I'll take any help you all can give - thanks for your time!

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Thus Quote the Raven . . . nevermore . . .

The committee has decided the recommend to the Board of Education to have Raytown Central Middle School's mascot be the

RAVENS The school colors would be Purple, Silver & Black.

Raytown Central Ravens

See the above weblink for more information: we also decided to recommend to the board that a graphic designer do the logos.

The plan is to have logos submitted for a $$$ Paid job $$$ - this is not a contest per say.

Provided the Board of Education approves our recommendation then . . .

The committee will evaluate all the submitted "logos/wordmarks/full mascot" and three will be selected to present to the public for

selection. The main focus will be to present the logos to the kids of grades 5-7 and the parents. Then the committee will take those

recommendation of that "RAVEN LOGO(S)" .

I'll give you more details after the Jan. 28th Board of Education Meeting. RCRavens_davidson_2008_purple.png

This is the logo we "showing" to the Board of Education of what "COULD" be if they so choose to spend their money.

The logo was done by davidson, here on the CC Boards.

Thanks for your time - KCScout76

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yeah i agree with kewp that the davidson done a great job. Logo looks very cool and nice, i really iike this one.

did you seriously make an account just to bump a 6 year old thread??

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