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Jacksonville Endzone


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Yes it was because of the FSU game. The endzones were like that on Saturday. Also, the had the Chief Osceola logo on the 50 and then took it off and put the Jags logo.

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Probably because of Saturday's Colorado-FSU game, the Jaguars didn't have time to paint their endzones with their regular script.

So they ended up doing generic JACKSONVILLE in white with gold trim in each endzone.

Yup, I was at that FSU-Colorado game, which yielded the smallest attendendance for an FSU game in 25 years!, and let me tell you, that the generic endzone was done because of the quick turnaround. How quick was the turnaround? As soon as the game ended, the scoreboard was changed to Texans-Jaguars. Now that's a quick turnover, and there just wasn't any logic to changing the field 24 hours later. I was kind of surprised they didn't just put no logo at midfield, but they did.

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