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Canucks concept


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I really like your idea with making a green jersey. Actually, I don't think this logo works that good as a primary. Maybe the hockeystick would fit better or even the whale...

This white stripe going round the shoulders looks kind of left alone. Maybe add a white outline to the collar to keep it going.

The ellbow-area looks a bit cramped. Everything's too close together there.

However, I'm not sure, but what about adding some grey. Don't know how it looks, but it could turn out to look good.

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Playing around with a new template in Paint and did a quick Canucks concept. Leave C&C if you wish.


I like this sweater. I am a fan of the Johnny Canuck logo and would like to see Vancouver use it on a jersey. IMO it has more of a jersey look than the hockey stick one. The only change I might make is that you have the striping on the sleves but not on the body. So I would say either add to the body or take them awat all together.

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You know what Randy, I've always been a fan of ALT shirts, but the Green used in the Canucks' uniform just doesn't work as a primary colour.

Can' say exactly what it is, if it's too bright, or what, but especially when you see the In-game rendering of Capn89's concepts, you can tell that it's just a tad too bright.

Then if you start playing with the shade of green you actually may nove to far from the actual colour scheme...

Other than colour, I like the simple striping scheme.

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i think i like the color of the top one best, however the blue shoulders is nice and as long as the orca isnt used on the shoulders then i like that part.

as for the numbering/lettering, i'd say go with the current canucks style. its unique and interesting.

oh, and gotta love schneider. i hope we give him a real opportunity.

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The second one is alot better. It does look like the Sharks uniform, but it works with the logos/colors you have. The only thing would have to be to scrap the Orca on the left shoulder if you don't want anymore negative critiques from Canuck fans. ^_^

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