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Missouri State High School Football Championships


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As many of you know, I coach the 8th Grade football team at Raytown South. The kids I coached four years ago made it the the Missouri State 5A championship game on Friday after Thanksgiving.

This was our first football championship game since the school opened in 1967 (Though we have four basketball titles and couple of Track/Field titles).

It was a very exciting game with Hazelwood East (St. Louis) tossing a 29 yd Hail Mary pass as time expired to beat us 39-34.

We had just taken the lead with :30 left to go on the clock, it was a see-saw game as the lead changed several times through out the game. What a way to lose the game. Their 6-3 receiver out leaped our 5-7 DBs for the game winner.

The Cardinals in Red/Black unis is our team.

See pictures below from the game last week.




See more pix below - - -

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Watched a little bit of the game(s) with my dad at my sister's house in Cape Girardeau. I was kinda pulling for you guys (even though I prefer the St. Louis area over KC), partly because HEast had beaten Jackson, where my brother-in-law is Asst. Principal and many of my cousins went to school, in the previous round. Nonetheless, congrats to them on a good season. Your work at the beginning of their "school" careers shows in their performance last week and reflects well on you.

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They're playing the championships at the EJ Dome now? I always thought those were at Faurot.

They've been at the Dome for a number of years now. I believe they were there when I was in high school and I graduated in 2000. Not sure about that though. I'll have to check. But they have been playing them in the Dome for a while.

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They've been playing in the Dome for a long time - in 1992 when I started Coaching in Carrollton (Trojans) Missouri (2A school), the goal was to get to St Louis, so it's been 16 year at least.

How can that be? The EJ Trans World Dome wasn't even built until '95, the year the Rams moved into town. And even then it wasn't ready until halfway through that season.

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The EJ Trans World Dome wasn't even built until '95

You are correct - games in the early 90s were played in Columbia or Springfield, Mo.

I acknowledge my ignorance.

I don't remember the last time we had them. Of course, in the early 90's I was only in 4th or 5th grade and didn't really pay attention to HS football. Though the basketball championships moved to Columbia after the 1991 tournament, so it could've been around that time that football moved there too.

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