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I dunno. I think the closest we'll get to a 'next Lebron' for a while is Sebastian Telfair. He's a High School Senior right now, he's supposed to be an amazing basketball player. He's only 5'10" -- that would be his one knock. But I've seen him listed from 5'10" to 6'

I'm not sure if he's decided to go straight to the pro's or go to Louisville next year though. If he goes pro, he'll be a lottery pick. Only his height will really keep him from going as high as Lebron. Although he's been called a 'phenom' in the past.

According to what I've read, he was amazing at the ABCD camp. He can flatout ball. His size probably makes college a better choice than entering the draft, though.



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To all the subscribers of S.I a homeboy from erie,Pa thats were i live made the pages of S.I so look out for him. He is a white boy by the name of Sean Smiley and the boys got some hops. He could possibly be the next lebron?


the embarrassments of the kid next door (GameCock82 and i are literally next door neighbors.)

FIRST: It's just a picture, not an article, interview, or column. just a picture.

SECOND: There arent many "homeboys" in Erie, and being his best friend please dont call Sean one.

THIRD: He's not a "white boy" either...he's clear ^_^

FOURTH: Stop talking like a "homeboy" you arent one.

FIFTH: He may go to a D-1 school, he's still a junior though...dont "look out for him" quite yet.

SIXTH: Those "hops" are good, buts thats the second time he's ever dunked in a game.

FINALLY: He is nowhere NEAR being the next LeBron, he's my man and all, but that is way to big of a level to be placing him on just yet.

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