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Bert Blylevin, HOF?


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Okay, after Bert Blylevin was once again left off of the Hall of Fame ballot, I was motivated by both anger and curiosity to see what your opinions on this subject should be.

Is Bert Blylevin a Hall of Famer or not? Please make a valid argument, try not to just say yes or no.

Me? YES!!! 2 World Series', nearly 300 wins, too many strikeouts to count, and one of the best yackers ever! How is he not in the Hall?


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430 HR

That's a big number to overlook.

His overall winning percentage isn't much over .500. He had 250 losses.

He wasn't exactly a dominant pitcher. He only had one 20-win season, and another with 19 wins. I know Nolan Ryan was around .500 as well, but 7 no-hitters and 5,000+ strikeouts says a lot.

Show me some comparable pitchers who are in the HOF and I'd give him a second glance. But as it stands right now, I'd say no.

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He shouldn't go to the HOF because of being Dutch, not an American native... :lol:

Seriously, although he had 3701 strikeouts which is a very respectable number, a true HOF parameter but having 287 victories and 250 losses doesn't help him too much to his claim. There are 37 games of difference between 287 and 250... and Nolan Ryan has a 324-292 record, a 32 difference.

But Ryan enjoyed the fact of being a 300+ wins club member. If Blylevin would reach 300+ W and 250 L, the history would be another.

And eating 430 homers (in a 22 years span) is very ugly for a pitcher. Nolan Ryan gave out only 321 HRs in 27 years of service.


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