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Nyr Concept


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Yikes, I read that suck statement as if you were talking about the jersey designs, I forgot how much the Lindros laden Rangers really do play pathetic hockey. It's really tough to take I know....

But as for the jersey designs, the blue one strikes me as needing something along the necks and shoulders to balance that big V created with the diagonals down below, the logo itself I'm not too nuts about either, I know that's not yours though.

Good job on the jersey.

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I have wondered why no one has ever taken the original Rangers logo and changed the direction of the word Rangers (that runs from upper left corner to lower right corner) and reversed it and made it run upward and used a progressive feeling Ital (similar to the last generation NY Giants football wordmark) No wonder their program is always in a downward slide. The change in direction would be more positive IMHO.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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