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ASU Red Wolves Logo Sheet


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I tried to fix up the face of the wolf and not make it look like it was crying Pokemon tears. I also separated the face. I apologize if the red seems a little dark, and that's my fault. I saved it wrong. Pretend it's there current colors please. I couldn't decide on a font, but I do think the font I chose fits. The secondary would be used for things such as a football helmet decal. So tell me in your C&C, do you like the updated head with no white streaks, or the actual eyes? I made this concept without checking if there were other similar items. If there are, I'm sorry and this can be graveyarded.


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Copperplate as a font is "meh" at best. Something more dynamic (or closer-resembling Wolves) would help alot.

Yea, I'll check dafont and have an update up tomorrow or Friday. Otherwise, how do you guys feel about the Wolf itself?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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