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The Twins interleague schedule


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The Minnesota Twins really have the extremes in their interleague schedule this season.

We have weekend road trips to two of the best baseball cities in the World, Chicago and St. Louis, playing in Wrigley Field and the new Busch Stadium.

Meanwhile, at home we have the Pirates and the Astros, two of the four worst teams in the NL, midweek, in the lousy old Metrodome.

Perhaps it was a deliberate attempt on the part of the schedule makers to give us a preview of what it will be like to have baseball outside once again next year and a fitting representation of all that was bad about playing in the dome all these years.

Man I want to sneak away with my son and do the St. Louis/Kansas City swing of their road trip at the end of the month. I've got relatives in the KC area and would love to include the Negro League Hall of Fame. Since I'm already doing the weekend at Wrigley, Mrs. Spyboy put the kibosh on that dream. <sigh> :(


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Interleague play should be ditched. There are very few intreaging matchups and most of those are the typical White Sox-Cubs, Dodgers-Angels, Royals-Cards, etc. I just find interleague scheduling to be horrible. I know a few years ago the Dodgers played the AL East the played the Devil Rays and the Toronto Blue Jays...TWICE. Did they play the Yankees or the Red Sox? Nope. This year they play the White Sox again, I can kind of understand that because the AL West is 4 teams, but why are they playing the Blue Jays twice and not the Red Sox and Yankees? Both are five team divisions!



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The White Sox are in the Central. And Interleague should stay. It is only a few games per year, it is the only connection between the 2 leagues besides the ASG and the World Series, and it is nice to see some other teams besides just the same 13 (or 15) you normally play. So they didn't play one team one year, in three years they will play that division again.

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