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Nehl Redesign Project

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I like the first one the best, but the second logo is cool as well. As for the three variations, I believe the third would be best if the NEHL was the same size as it is in the first two.

Nice work.

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its cool you started this. Keep at it. Looking good.

I'd be inclined to not put in type outlining what the NEHL stands for. I know its a small league and needs recognition, but something is just lame when it needs to be reiterated like that. Its like a stars and stripes that also says PS=United States of America on the bottom.

Its easy to say that the NHL, NBA, NFL dont do it....cause duh.....they dont need to.

At any rate, nevermind that, onto your concepts.

I think the best ones are the ones that stray furthest away from what they have now. Like versions 3-5.

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I was thinking, without getting too graphic heavy, what comes to mind with the term North East?

I think, Noreast.......fishing, bad weather, mans men........argh.

But it might be an opportunity to choose a color scheme radical from the perpetual red/white/blue as well. Something with greens or lighter blues or blacks. Maybe even yellows and golds...i dunno. Just brainstorming.

Your's are really nice....and I forgot to mention crafted sharp. But in terms of detail, just remember, you want to be able to have this embroidered on the tail of a jersey or the back of the neck.......

think ICONIC.

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I am definately feeling Sterling's comments. I think somethign that might help is to find and C&P the majoe leagues' logos into your graphic editor, and have them staring you in the face while you make the NEHL logo.

The ones you've done are meh. They look like a cleaner, better version of what they have, and for that I commend you, but I agree with Sterling, I think we should depart from what theyhave now, and make just that - an icon.

I wanted to get in on this, but in due time, I'm still working on team stuff.

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Thanks for the input so far. I'm surprised to see that the responses are pretty much all over the place in regard to which one people prefer. Personally, I like the 3rd one the best. The 4th and 5th designs evolved out of my curiosity of seeing it with a border (and I know someone would have either done a mod, or requested one anyway). The 3rd one, however, is clean, simple and suits itself better for embroidery, etc.

I wanted to incorporate the as much of the current logo as I could, which is why the star & leaf appear in every design. I'm not completely opposed to coming up with an entirely new look, but my objective up to this point was merely an update.

I agree with Sterling on spelling out the name of the league. I don't think it's necessary, which is why I strayed from incorporating it into the logo beyond the first design. In the rest, the name is separate and can be easily removed. In fact, I think I'll exclude it moving forward (assuming that it can always be added later on anyway).

I like your idea about switching up the color scheme. I actually started to draft out two others, one that was pseudo-retro and used some teals and gray, and another that was green and black. I didn't like where either was going and abandoned both. Maybe I'll get back to those, or pehaps someone else will submit one. Part of the problem is I've focused so much on using th star & leaf that I get locked into using red & blue.

I'm going to start by cleaning these 5 up a bit. I already noticed that some of my 'white' space is actually not filled and came up transparent when I saved it as a gif. Hopefully we'll get a few more designs up here and even more suggestions.

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I do not submit these as any great creative revelation. Just as a thumbnail toward where my thoughts are lying.

simple, hockey-ish.......kind has that CCM or Bauer vibe.

I know it needs more........just a jumping off point.

And yes, that is the Tulsa Drillers mint. Likey.


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Well, I didn't know what else to do, and I'm sure it's been done before.

Here ya go

It's a start. You'll want to square up the perspective line on the puck. Notice how one edge is straight and the other is rounded? Both lines should be straight.

The colors aren't working well for me, either but the concept is good.

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