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Hoops Concepts


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I have a few ideas, though no artistic ability or quality program (just MS paint)


I don't like anything about Toronto's uniform (except that it does not have a large dino on it like when they came in). I went for the multi-blue


Brooklyn nets: Not a big change--keeping it simple.


VERY simple, I know. I almost did not bother with this one, but I like the shorts.


I got a bit wacky with the colors, but I really do not like what the Grizz has today.


Why not black and gold for the Hornets--They look like Iowa to me.


Even more simplification.

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Overall, you're stuff is pretty good. Can't really comment too deeply on them, except one...

I wouldn't go with gold and black for the Hornets... looks too similar to a bee. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure hornet's are more blue/black/purpleish... something of that persuasion. At least the only time I've seen a hornet relatively up close, it certainly wasn't anything close to the yellow/gold color of a bee or wasp.

Anyway, I'd just keep their scheme to blue, purple, black, maybe a hint of yellow in there.... maybe try and go back to the old Charlotte scheme (I dont know about anyone else, but I really liked their colors in Charlotte).

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i love the color choice for the grizzlies- not the application, but a good start with those colors

you chose very good colors, but it seems to me because u r limited to paint u chose to simplify things

paint is all i use to make jerseys as well- its hard, but u can get creative with it

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