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What the "new" Hamilton NHL team will be called


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Who could forget those beautiful Steelheads jerseys from the hit TV show Power Play with Brett Parker as the sleezy GM, Captain Mark Simpson, the nutty owner Duff McArdle, the the power hungry president Colleen Blessed, the "Terminal" Todd Maplethorpe and the peculiar strategies of Coach Harry Strand. There were several guest appearances by well known Canadians and hockey players, but my favorite was Jake Nelson, coach of Philadelphia played by Don Cherry. Anywho, the show inspired me for a quick concept of the Steelheads if the team were in fact a real team...funny, the NHL sort of looks like this right now with the entire Phoenix thing. Anywho, here's a pic of the jerseys from the show:


Here is my concept. I simplified it a bit taking away the sort of crazy line the jersey had going. Enjoy this comical spoof.


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I went to a pre-season Leafs game at Copps, probably 1998 (?) and the logo at center ice was the Steelheads, leftover from taping of the TV show.

I don't know that the logo would work for the NHL, but I would definitely have no objections to the Steelheads name, if branded properly. The fish should logo is unique and interesting, I think something like that could work.

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I loved that show to death! I was right in front of the TV every week, waiting for it.

I always hoped that when the AHL returned to Hamilton they'd go with this name. But it'd be even better if they got that name in the NHL. You'd think that would involve getting permission from CTV though.

Side question: I've looked high and low, does anybody know if this series ever made it to DVD?

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