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Maryland Football


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hmmm. it's crisp for your first concept. but at least it isnt ms paint.


you need color balance. i know that is SO hard to do with maryland...but yellow shows up in the belt.

belts are a BAD place to try to centralize a color.

the jersey numbers of course could use outlines for color...but u didnt go into that. the stripes are good...but again, no gold.

the logo, and the helmet is a downgrade.

what you need to focus on, no matter if your concept uses a classic template or a modern one, is to make sure you balance color as well as possible.

you kind of just filled in different spots with different team colors, hoping that it would grab the entire look...but instead it ran it into the ground.

Maryland is TOUGH team to do for a first concept though.

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hmmm. it's crisp for your first concept. but at least it isnt ms paint.

Hey now. Be nice. haha.

It's all about execution and experience. I've been using paint since I joined this site, and I wouldn't say my concepts are still sloppy, or 'not crisp'.

As for the concept. I agree it is very clean for your first concept.

But the main parts of the uniform don't really flow at all.

If you saw them individually, you'd have no idea they were part of the same uniform.

I'd say if you're not going to have stripes on the pants, at least slap a logo on there.

And if you're going to have a yellow belt, I'd probably add some more yellow to the rest of the uniform.

[basically what brave-bird had to say]

I'd say it's decent, but I'd prefer the current set over this.

A few changes could change my mind.



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Very clean for your first concept. Here are my thoughts:

- That particular logo looks odd on the helmet. Not saying it can't work, but it seems like too much.

- The uniforms are the best part of this. Very sharp. I think you could have used some yellow on them though- maybe even yellow numbers, different but could work? At least a yellow stripe somewhere. The uniforms could be considered as plain, but that isn't so bad.

- This would be a nice throwback option from first glance.

- Yellow belt is a bit out of place.

- The concept overall is clean and sharp- good attempt for your first.

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