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First Ever Re-design


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NASL (North American Soccer League), now defunct.

I am attempting eight as if they were to restart this year.


Atlanta Chiefs

Baltimore Comets

California FC (from Surf)

Chicago Sting

Detroit Machine (from Express)

Minnesota Strikers

Philidelphia Liberty (from Fury)

Tampa Bay Fire (expansion)


Dallas Twisters (from Tornado)

Edmonton Warriors (from Drillers)

Houston Hurricane

L.A. Aztecs

San Diego Attack (from Sockers)

St. Louis FC (from Stars)

Toronto United (from Blizzard)

Seattle Needlers (from Sounders {MLS])

Here are the Chiefs



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Here is the story/info on the new NASL.

Atlanta Chiefs - derived from the final Atlanta team in '81

Baltimore Comets - derived from the final Baltimore team in '75

California FC - updated version of the Surf, '81

Chicago Sting - derived from the final Chicago team in '84, which lasted 9 years

Detroit Machine - slight name change from the Express, the last Detroit team, '80

Minnesota Strikers - still playing around with a name change idea. Possibly the Lake Monsters or something of the like.

Philadelphia Liberty - name change from the Fury, gives it a better historical background

Tampa Bay Fire - expansion in 2010, toying around with different logo concepts

Dallas Twisters - from Tornadoes, not too drastic. I know it's unoriginal, but I didn't want to change a whole lot.

Edmonton Warriors - from Drillers, because oil is not the only thing in Edmonton.

Houston Hurricane - from the '80 team. Total overhaul of the logo.

L.A. Aztecs - from the original team that lasted through '81. Not too drastic as far as changes.

San Diego Attack - because anything is better than Sockers.

St. Louis FC - from Stars, because there are way too many Stars in sports.

Toronto United - from Blizzard, because we all know it is cold in Canada.

Seattle Needlers - had to do something with the Space Needle. Could have called them the Storm because that's all it does in Seattle, but I figured I make it more locally friendly.

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I imagine most people are too lazy to click a billion links. If you post actual pictures in the thread, you'll get more responses. My browser is retardedly anti-popup, for example, and the only way I could open your links would be to copy and paste into the URL.

So yeah, that's just a friendly suggestion.

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You do know the Baltimore concept has the ravens shield logo in the middle, and the comets concept has U.S. Army on the shirt? B) Just some things you might check out. As for the concepts, there not bad, but I think they could be advanced a bit more. The chiefs one is the only really complete looking one, but the other 2-especially the comets-look kind of unfinished. Maybe add some color to the comets logo, and advance the California one. Sorry if I sound like a jerk, just trying to help.

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Yeah, the idea with the faded Ravens shield is to show that they play at M&T Bank Stadium. Also, yes I know that U.S. Army is on the Baltimore jerseys. That was intentional, as it was supposed to be a sponsor. Thanks for the C&C, I'll work on them when I get time. :)

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