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Zoneranger's Whozis #63


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Born Paul Francis Gadd in 1940, it was as a teenager, Glitter performed at various local London, England bars and pubs, eventually landing a deal with Decca Records. His first single as "Alone in the Night" (1960), released under the name Paul Raven.

Glitter eventually decided that glam rock was the way to go, and began recording "Rock and Roll", a fifteen minute song that eventually became two parts ("Rock and Roll (Part 1)" and "Rock and Roll (Part 2)"). Before the song was released, Gary Glitter chose his modern name. "Rock and Roll" eventually became a huge hit in 1972 in the United Kingdom, though it took six months to enter the charts.

Where Are They Now: He was arrested on child pornography charges in England in 1997, after a computer technician fixing his computer found indecent images of young children on his hard drive.

In April, 2002 he was discovered renting an apartment in Cambodia, in the capital city of Phnom, and may be deported for no particular reason.

Actually, it looks like Nitroseed.... :D

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