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A Few Nhl Concepts


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Here are a few hockey concepts I did on MS Paint.


Atlanta. Obviously, I stole the Penguins's template, but I think it fits with the logo. I like the lighter blue color and wish they would highlight it and get rid of the red and some of the bizzare trim.


LA Kings. I am sick of Black and purple and have never liked these unis. I do like the current crown logo, so I added that to thier original colors. The third jersey was meant to look much like the home jersey from the mid 1980s


I doubt people will like what I did to the logo, but I thought I'd tone down the third jersey trim and have a slightly different look on the front.

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Isles: i'll send you a logo i used on the last NYI concept i did...good start, good idea, the killer is the logo. it's gotta be modified right if you want the NY by itself (and as i said, i'll send you my NY if you want it)

Kings: meh. whatchagonnado,though? if it's one thing i hate about the Kings, it's that the colors they've used have been a result of copying another California team (Lakers, Raiders, Sacto Kings). They do use the current look well, however. This, i'm not so sure about-reminds me of the Bruins a little.

Thrashers: nice, aside from being a recolored Tuxedo ;) my only peeve is the crest choice, Thrasher Flakes as i'll call him. [brett Favre commercial] I woulda used the flying T myself [/Favre commercial]

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thrashers: i love the primaries, but the white is borderline penguins

kings: i like the idea, as my thread on this page indicates, but not the execution. I dont like the shades you used, or the choice of the kings current template

isles: awesome, you have inspired my next concept, and when u see a logo similar to the one you used- just know that i am giving u credit, and discrim i think i remember you doing something similar too

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yep, puck, i did do something similar except i had a pointed yoke, striping that was supposed to look like 'waves' and most of the comments on it were that they hated the teal.


figure this should ring a bell.

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I like the Thrasher's jersey you did as a third, if the yellow was the same as the Thrasher's logo yellow, and the numbers weren't so boxy.

I as everyone probaly knows, am a fan of the thrashers, so I don't actually like the designs as a replacement for their currents. I like the current 3rd a lot, and the current darks more than just about anythign else in sports. The homes are ok.

Your designs are nice thoughts, but not to my taste.

Good effort, though.

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