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Hockey Arena question


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How do arenas like the United Center, Air Canada Center, American Airlines Center, Staples Cetner, etc, put in extra seating for basketball games?

The seats behind the goals are temporary (hence the metal) and either slide out and become longer or they bring in separate ones. Don't know which though.

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Here are some other videos...

Air Canada Centre, Toronto (hockey to basketball conversion)

Arena at Gwinnett Center, Duluth, Georgia (suburban Atlanta; Arena football to hockey)

Rupp Arena, Lexington, Kentucky (concert to monster truck races to UK women's hoops)

An added bonus, a young man built a scale model of a multipurpose arena, and did one hell of a job...incredible

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Yes a rink is much smaller, they add a few hundred seats for sure. All the floor ones and 2-3 rows of risers.

Other way around, buddy. A court is smaller and can even be set up between the dasher boards along with some seating that would then rise up a little so the dashers don't impede the view or just use folding chairs and then the hockey risers. A rink is 100' wide while a court is 50' plus a little extra for the bench and table area.

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