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Penguins Recoloring


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This is just a simple switch-aroo of the yellow and vegas gold.

Could the old jerseys with vegas gold work as a 3rd?

Could the current set work with the traditional yellow?

The only one I don't like is the old home with vegas gold.

I got the jerseys from www.nhluniforms.com and just did a quickie recolor.

This is not a concept, just a what if.

Would these work in today's nhl?


PotD May 11th, 2011
looooooogodud: June 7th 2010 - July 5th 2012


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The current set looks beautiful in yellow. Definitly can be pulled off. I find the designs in the old uni's made the yellow look terrible. The old jerseys also look terrible in Vegas gold, I guess it's just that uni design.


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You forgot the best Penguins uni ever:


That asymmetrical design is still super cool.

Damn right.

As for the concept, Im a full believer in the Pens going back to Pittsburgh gold, and the edges look better with it, but for some reason the white underarms on the home look even worse against a brighter gold.

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