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  1. I don't have the disdain for him and his broadcast partners now that I did in the 90s when Fox was competing against ESPN, but I still don't enjoy listening to him call a game. McGuire can single handedly ruin any broadcast he shows up on, and we are all better for him getting bumped from the A crew. I'm neutral on Edzo on NBC national until he starts talking about his pony racing. I usually have no problem tuning into a NBCS Chicago game to hear him paired with Foley though, and he used to work well with Mike Lange. Accepting Gary Thorne as a national hockey broadcaster is not going to happen again, I'd take Gord, his broadcasts are usually pretty good.
  2. The only thing I can not stand is the standalone D, it is absolutely horrid. I don't find the rest of it to be that bad. The court is in dire need of another center logo though.
  3. Last summer after the Premier League wrapped up.
  4. One of the biggest goals in Pens history, from the 96 playoffs, wearing the thirds.
  5. You can barely see the Flyers helmet logo at distance, meanwhile the Pens look like they have a blob on the side of theirs
  6. The blue line is pretty creative, but keep it isolated to one off events like this. Also, look how much more presentable the All Star Game logo is without the damn red line bisecting it. Now imagine if the NHL could try that league wide.
  7. Commentators get caught up in significant moments calling sports regularly, what is the issue with this one?
  8. That may be, but it's a damn sight better than the red cummerbund number pictured above.
  9. That stat was padded by a 9-1 win vs Calgary, and a good Canada road trip in general earlier in the year, otherwise things have been a bit of a mess outside of that. Also, you can count on one hand the number of periods this season Murray has played that he hasn't conceded at least two goals. For the most part when CDS has played, he has played well, and with Murray being injured long term again, CDS is going to have to scrape together wins for them. Key organizational losses in the last eighteen months, and, as I see it, complacency / hubris taking hold in the players in the same time frame have the Pens where they are now. Some of these issues can be fixed during the course of a season, but I don't think the ones that can, can cover for those that can't.
  10. I'd buy the on ice advertising spots for the Penguins for a season and then place either secondary / historical logos in the center ice spots, and keep the damn corners clean.
  11. The 'capital' lowercase 'U' is driving me nuts. The old logo is the better of two bad options.
  12. Rooting for the Flyers is a tough thing to do, even if it's just keeping two center ice logos.
  13. The match schedule is developed about a year in advance of the Final. The host(s), since they are automatically placed, will already know their schedule going in, every other nation learns their schedule depending on how they got slotted in the draw.
  14. Advertising Creep is on the march. If you thought the extra on ice advertising at the NHL ASG was a trial balloon, you'd be correct, and it is being adopted full time starting next year.
  15. CuJo is the correct answer. It's just that you picked the wrong version. I always liked the Blues version better, I thought the gold was more vibrant than any other version he used later in his career.
  16. Don't get too full of yourself there. There were four teams entering the playoffs that I gave the Pens a 0% chance of beating. Luckily one of them have been eliminated.
  17. But it has only happened twice in the last fifteen or so years. Yes winning the Cup is extremely difficult, but in the salary cap era the fortunes of the Trophy winners has completely changed.
  18. Furthering the notion that the NHL is going full speed down the same road the NFL has trying to figure out its own catch rule.
  19. Completely agree. I've told people that if you can score tickets within a few rows of the glass, as a one-off it's fun. Now that I've had that experience, I try for the top of the lower bowl or the club level, for actually watching and following a hockey game, it's significantly better.
  20. The Bucs have traded McCutchen to the Giants for a 37th round pick and a used rosin bag.
  21. In retrospect the move seems so obvious. How many times has that :censored:ing franchise signed players from rivals in circumstances like this.
  22. So the Campbell and Wales Conference Championships get combined but the Eastern Conference Championships are separated.
  23. The NFL's work around to that fiasco was that the original Browns were 'deactivated' and the Ravens were an expansion team. Part of Modell's deal with the NFL was that the history of the Browns had to stay in Cleveland. At least in this case the old and new Browns are truly the same franchise.