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I finally found a usable basketball template for Photoshop, although unfortunately, the jersey is untucked and there is no back. Regardless, it's the best I have. For my first basketball concept, I chose the Nets, who are moving soon and are in drastic need of a new identity after another bad season. I decided to go '90s with this concept, as I loved the old gradient Nets logo. It would be brought back into use with these unis.

The home whites are very simple by my standards, and I tried to blend together the early '90s home whites (red side panels, '90s script) with the current home whites (blue collar, blue outlines, blue numbers). For the roads, I decided to bring in a baseball influence and use gray - which the Nets have used before. Finally, the third is based off those wacky tye-dye jerseys which they never should have abandoned.


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the scripts are too big, and the numbers are huge. also its a pretty simple/generic design. It kind of looks like something I would see at Walmart.

The numbers and scripts didn't look big to me when I was working on the concept, but on a second look-through, I agree that they are gigantic and need to be scaled down.

As for it being "generic," these are heavily based on a uniform set they actually wore (the early '90s one). Also, I don't see how a "tye dye" gradient jersey could ever look "generic."

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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