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Canadiens third


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basically I was kicking this one around in my head...combining the barberpoles with the traditional stripe has led to these.

narrower barberpole


wider barberpole


My own preference is leaning towards the second version, but I figured I may as well post both versions anyway. And no, I'm not translating this post to French, I'd butcher Spanish badly enough as it is. If the translation's off, blame Google Translate :hockeysmiley:


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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I'm leaning towards the wider 'pole as well Disrcim'. You've balanced the red and blue well, you don't want either colour dominating, and you don't want the white in there much more than you have it. Nice positioning on the nameplate above the stripes.

The crest looks a bit too big, though with the stripes the crest should be larger to not get lost in the details.

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