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Hello all,

I'm just in the final stages of finishing my portfolio website for school. Its looking good but I need some advise on my domain name.

Right now I have www.kakisvision.com. I'm thinking about changing it to www.bretkenworthy.com.

"kakis" is very spiritual and meaningful to me and the word really has no meaning other then what it means to me. It was a word I made up when I was younger and has stuck with me ever since. Kakis is pronounced KA-KISS but people say it differently depending on the person. I have used the name for a while and have been getting noticed so the name has been getting out there.

I have also bought the domain bretkenworthy.com. This is simply my name and is much more professional. I will be looking for a job when I get out of school so this would help greatly.

What do you guys think? What is more important?

You can view my website here http://kakisvision.com/test/photography.php It is a work in progress. You can also notice my mast head has a spelling mistake....maybe that is a sign. :)



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I'd tend to go with your name if you want the site to have professional applications.

If you don't, you'll need to explain to all viewers what the domain name means, which is like starting a race by taking one large step backwards.

I agree with this. For years I designed and coded under the banner "Würldwyde Designs" at wurldwyde.com, which looks and sounds catchy, but is more of a bother than anything. Since it's not spelled phonetically, I would always have to physically spell the domain for people, or at least have them ask me on more than one occasion for the url.

Owning your full name url (especially a surname) is not only a valuable web property, but easy to remember for those who know you, easier to brand your work with, and looks a lot more professional.

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Agreed. Mine is joshmingsarch.com because the other Josh Mings that I know of got to joshmings.com first.

Although there is a possible exception for you based on the work you have done. Given the category you seem to be in (Suicide Girls-type women in your photos) the kakisvision may be a better option, especially if you are anticipating staying in that field. I feel that just your name might be too uptight for it. Kakisvision has an element of play to it.

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I always encouraged students when I taught to use their real names or to redirect to them if they don't, because as others have said...unless it's a super straightforward domain name people are always going to be confused.

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