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Cleveland Browns

Lights Out

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Kool. I'd put the dog logo on the helmet.

I'll second that

But they're the Browns. Not the dogs. The dog logo is only a reference to the fans behind the endzone, not the team. Makes as much sense as putting a hog on the Redskins' uniforms.

Actually, the 'Dawgs' nickname was started by the players, for the players (the defensive ones, at least). Then, at some point during training camp, fans began to show up and really get into the nickname, and it carried over into that season and every season thereafter, which is how the 'Dawg Pound' was born. I still contend that any sort of dog imagery refers to the players, rather than the fans (as everyone seems to suggest). The 'Dawgs' were the players, and the 'Dawg Pound' was simply the group of fans that bought into it the most.

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