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Portland Winterhawks Concepts


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After reading that the Winterhawks will be getting third jerseys, and will be unveiling them next week, I thought I'd share a couple concepts I put together recently.


After concluding that none of the 60 CHL teams that have introduced alternate jerseys this year have adopted the Lightning-style template, I matched it up for Portland. Utilizing the AeroviaBrasil font from their wordmark, the "HAWKS" nickname is written across the front, and Portland is on the rear hem.


This is my favorite of the two, as it is a fauxback inspired by a couple historical teams. The crest comes from the old WCHA Portland Rosebuds, as I took the shield outline and put the Indian-head crest inside. The Portland Eagles of the Pacific Coast Hockey League are the source for the block "P" on each shoulder.

Any comments, thoughts or suggestions are always welcome!

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I'm definately a fan of the second one, The font on the first doesn't do it for me, it doesn't fit with the feel of the over-all design, it leaves more to be desired.

The borrowed elements are incorporated nicely, the crest and the P match teh font and rest of the design well. Here's hoping the 'Hawks take notice of it.

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I like those, especially the second one. Any jersey with tradition around here is OK in my book. I wouldn't mind seeing an alt jersey with Portland written across the front in the Buckaroos font on a black jersey Buckaroos style jersey could be cool. I really hope the eye logo isn't on the 3rd jersey as you stated in the other thread. Its an OK marketing logo in my opinion but shouldn't be on a jersey, kinda like the 30th anniversary, it was meh at best. And while I'm on the eyes logo, my biggest complaint with the Hawks merch now is that its all fashion type clothes, a lot of the stuff is Tapout/Affliction-esque and made to be eaten up, while they tend to lack items for real hockey fans (i.e. locker room type shirts, draft type caps, etc) that people who play the game would wear. Rant over. Nice work sir!

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zero and ben, thank you for the kind words!

zero -- I agree with you on the first one, but the reason I did it was to use a template that we have to see in the CHL. And the font the Hawks are using for their wordmark just doesn't fit with anything at all. At least it's an upgrade from the Copperplate they were using!

I really like how the second one came together. If I had the money, I would totally have one custom made. ^_^

ben -- Dude, I will try to put your idea together! That sounds pretty flippin' cool! I agree with you on the eyes. I'm not a fan of it as a primary crest, or as a secondary logo for that matter. Just like you said, for marketing, it's good for the demographic they are trying to reach... Which apparently is not 32 year old males!

Now, all that being said... This is what I think we are going to see unveiled on Wednesday:


I'm thinking all black with minimal trim, trying to play off of the dark, brooding DVST8 :rolleyes: eyes, tie-down collar (something the Hawks have never had), and the P/tomahawk patches. I could be wrong on the shoulder patches, but I feel pretty confident on the rest. Do I have inside knowledge? No, but I think the eyes are a definite, thanks to the info that OMMF has posted.

By the way, if they put the eyes on the black Chicago alt they used to wear, I will be greatly disappointed just for the lame attempt at designing an alternate jersey.

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