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Using my logo without permission - Need advice


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About six months ago I submitted some work on a website for a League club looking for kit deisgns for their next season's uniform. When I submitted the work I included my jersey design but also a quick and budget update of their logo. They announced they weren't going with anyone's jersey designs and I didn't think too much more of it. Recently I looked at their website to see what their new unis look like and right there on the top of their website was my logo!? I then went and found some pics and sure enough they have changed their club logo to the deisgn I submitted. Should they have at least asked my permission for this or can they do anything they like with submissions??

Here's a (poor) copy of what I sent through. I actually don't like the logo but that's not the point here.


and some photos of their gear:



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Yeah, you would have a case if this was original work, but as it is a mishmash of a bunch of other trademarks, you ll have no luck getting anything out of it. Shame, would have taken ten minutes to draw it from scratch rather than copy and paste elements.

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Thanks guys. You're obviously right about some of the elements being borrowed from other logos. The guy was actually after just a simple tidy up of their current logo which was basically the NRl logo so it sadly was a move towards being more their own logo.


The logo that they are now using was one that I posted as an ideas/work in progress. I completed a different logo (which was better I thought) and used that in all my submissions but for some reason they grabbed this one. I just thought there might be at least the requirement to ask someone if you can use their 'idea'. I say idea knowing it was a merge of some of my work and bits from other logos. I know I'm not the first to do it (Canada Rugby League):


Anyway, it probably sounds like sour grapes but it's not. I was just so surprised to flick up their website and see the logo there. I would've expected the process it to recevie at least a simple "hey, like what you've done. Can we use it?". It's all good though. I'll move on.

Thanks for feeding back everyone.

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