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Utah-BYU Rivalry Pro Combat


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Hey guys!

I, by total luck, came across an old University of Utah yearbook in it's entirety online last night. I was looking at a site dedicated to Utah football great Lou Mele, when I noticed the link to the yearbook. It directed me to a U of U website, and bam - the 1954 yearbook right before my eyes. I was shocked, but quite thrilled that I found such a gem. Anyways, as I was flipping through it, I came across a page dedicated to the classic 1953 Utah-BYU game, considered one of the greatest in Holy War history. Played at old Ute Stadium in Salt Lake City on Thanksgiving day, the game was televised nationally by NBC, where an estimated 60 million people tuned in to watch. Legendary broadcaster Mel Allen performed the play by play, and Lindsey Nelson served as the analyst. Though the 7-2 Utes were favored to win by 24 over the 2-6-1 Cougars, the game was a back and forth fight the whole way. With just seconds left to go, Utah was up 33-26, until BYU scored a touchdown to make it 33-32. With a tie seemingly imminent as all was needed was a successful PAT, the Cougars lined up to kick. However, the holder lost control of the snap and fumbled the ball, after which Utah recovered and won a thriller, 33-32. The win gave Utah a Skyline Conference championship and much sought-after bragging rights for the year, all on national television.

I simply couldn't resist making a rivalry pro combat set for both Utah and BYU, based on the 1953 Holy War.

I know that Utah is no longer a Nike school, but just disregard that for the concept and pretend they are :P

Anyways, as stated, both are based on the uniforms worn in the 1953 game, and would be intended for a game at Salt Lake City, just as 1953 was. This would be two years from now, as BYU hosts the game next year.

With Utah, on the undershirt sleeves, I took little "U"'s and made a pattern out of them, which, if seen from the side, try to resemble a mountain peak. This is an inspired design, because of something NBC did for the game. The mountain range view from the stadium struck the NBC team so much that, rather than using one single camera on the press box for the broadcast, NBC used two cameras - one for each end of the press box - to show a panoramic view of the mountains. The "U" mountain peak design would wrap around the entire undershirt and sleeves to resemble a panoramic view. For the helmets, to make things a little less plain, I used a "U" decal that was a few shades of red darker than the helmet. Everything that would have been white is a light cream, to make a vintage sort of feel to it.

For BYU, I did as I did for Utah, replacing white with light cream. This led to the entire uniform using predominantly cream, including the helmet and facemask. The uniform is very simple, with the sleeve stripes on the undershirt, stripes on the socks, and the old BYU "Y" on the collar and pants.

Both slogans on the collars are lines from each school's fight song - "I am a Utah Man" for the Utes, and "Rise & Shout" for the Cougars.

Anyways, enough yak from me. Here they are!:



C&C appreciated as always!

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I think those a lot; having throwback uniforms for a rivalry game is a really cool idea to me

Thanks! I've always thought so too, BYU wore 1984 throwbacks for the 2009 game, but that's really the only attempt either team has made to wear throwbacks for the rivalry game. Even if it were only for one game, a throwback set for both teams would be great for this rivalry, and the 1953 game I think would be a great set to throwback to.

Any more comments?

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Nice work. Is this rivalry being broken up by the two schools moving to different conferences?

Thank you! Regarding the conference realignment, I could be mistaken but I think the only thing that's changing in the rivalry is just the time of the season in which they have it. The rivalry will still be played as far as I know, but I've heard that the game will be played closer around the middle of the season or a little earlier. I certainly hope the rivalry stays, it's one of the things I look forward to most in the season!

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Go Cougars! These look good--I'd like to see these uniforms on the field. I suppose you could also design a blue version for BYU, because starting next year, both teams are going to be wearing colors.

Anyway, for now the Holy War will be played in September because the Pac 12 supposed has no open scheduling dates later in the season. I'd like to see BYU-Utah be played on USC-Notre Dame weekend (October at ND, November at SC) because theoretically, some other Pac 12 team has an open date that weekend, and it might as well be Utah (for the BYU game).

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This is exactly how a ProCombat concept should be executed. Every feature you have on their jerseys has a purpose rooted in history, just like how Nike does it. I'm not one to give you much C and C on the actually jersey design, but I want to commend you for taking the time to think out the concept. I have a hard time getting behind any of the 'ProCombat' designs that don't incorporate the story of the teams playing. Nice work.

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