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Canucks jersey idea


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Hi all,

Just did a quick mock-up for the Canucks and what I think they should do with their current home jerseys. I'm sick of all the rumours of the Orca going bye-bye and the (not so good) Johnny V Canuck head logo being the replacement. I personally think the full body Johnny Canuck should be our identity and our only identity. I have always thought that this logo is a bit too detailed and busy for a primary logo, but hey...I figured the Panthers' logo is just as detailed and I don't think that logo is too bad. Anyway, here's what I reckon they should do:


Keep the rink and stick shoulder patches because I think they are perfect for that, but the Johnyn Canuck is the future. I could get used to these. What do you think?

Sorry they're kind of rough....I don't have mad skillz on the photoshop but I just whipped this up quickly.

I'm Danny fkn Heatley, I play for myself. That's what fkn all stars do.

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Don't get me wrong I do like this idea however the Canucks already have the perfect jersey with their current alternate. They just need to make it the home and create a matching Road. This would make a nice third jersey though.

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