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Hi Guys - can I get some feedback on this logo and presentation template for my (finally) branded freelance design business. Its called DPD Graphix. DPD is my innitials and the logo is supposed to invoke the innitials while also representing the inifinty symbol.. the idea being that your branding and logo is the beginning of your identity but that it never finishes defining itself. I tried turning the logo on its side to better show the infinity symbol but then you really lost the DPD in it.

I wasn't sure if the X in graphix is too 90s but I felt that I wanted to keep that word as short as possible or the logo was dragging on the bottom. I experimented spelling it Grafix but that didnt look right. I felt there was a different in intentional misspelling but Grafix might look like I really dont know how to spell.

I went with a charcoal and burnt orange look because I felt it was clean, interesting, and wouldn't overpower the colors of the actual logo i was designing when used in the template.

My overall thoughts is the logo is a bit on the tall side.

C&C on the logo and presentation template?



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To be honest, I'm not liking it at all. The outline is unnecessary. The fact that the outline is so thin and the outside corners of it are rounded make it look weak, and also make the mark look terribly muddy at small sizes. The empty square in the middle? The typeface you've chosen for the logotype couldn't be any less desirable and 'free-looking' to my eyes.

On your presentation, the borders of the area are very thick and the fact that they are beveled makes them look a little cheesy. Combined with the color, they really take a lot of attention away from the work. The colored watermark is also really distracting, as is the giant logo at the bottom. You were right in saying the logo probably is a little tall. It's just very oddly-shaped. Overall, nothing about this identity is exciting to look at from my point of view.

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Overall I think it is a pretty nice logo but I have to agree with the above post on the white square and font. Also, I don't see a problem with using "cs", it's only one letter longer than "x". Just a thought drawing on what andrewharrington said about the outline, maybe try retaining the outline but leaving the "charcoal" space white. That way it is less distracting as a watermark.

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i dont mind the colors so much, though i would brighten up the orange. something like Texas' burnt orange would be nice. youthful, sporty, and energetic. if you're worried about those colors taking away from the logos presented just use your logo in black and white for the template.

the icon isnt bad but does need to be connected, removing the white space. its like theres a break in your infinity, and it makes the letterforms even harder to read. as for "graphix" im totally againt that. almost every vinyl sign shop does that and even if thats what you're getting into, spell it correctly anyway. if branding and identity is what you're going for then consider: design, designs, works, studio. i would also look at other fonts. if you really like the bold sans-serif look i would recommend: Univers65 or Myriad Pro

the template is a bit too busy, but this is not a bad start. the biggest thing is removing the color from the template. you dont want any other colors on a template except those being used by the presented logo. i use shades of grey on mine and include some contact info, which may or may not be useful, but at least it looks a bit more professional.


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