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Knicks concept


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This concept eliminates black from the Knick's identity and brings the look closer to the 90's uniforms. The change in the home uniform is subtle with the trim and piping simplified and harmonized. The road follows the lead of the home uniforms, with white and blue switched.


C & C appreciated.

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See what switching the orange and white on the side panels would look like on the blue.

On September 20, 2012 at 0:50 AM, 'CS85 said:

It's like watching the hellish undead creakily shuffling their way out of the flames of a liposuction clinic dumpster fire.

On February 19, 2012 at 9:30 AM, 'pianoknight said:

Story B: Red Wings go undefeated and score 100 goals in every game. They also beat a team comprised of Godzilla, the ghost of Abraham Lincoln, 2 Power Rangers and Betty White. Oh, and they played in the middle of Iraq on a military base. In the sand. With no ice. Santa gave them special sand-skates that allowed them to play in shorts and t-shirts in 115 degree weather. Jesus, Zeus and Buddha watched from the sidelines and ate cotton candy.

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I agree on removing the black, but I still think the Knicks look best without side panels altogether. I think it would be great if they returned to the throwbacks they wore this season, and maybe changed the logo on the shorts. Something about the Knicks' side panels looks really forced and unnatural to me, for some reason.


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Thanks for the feedback. I had mocked up both orange and white paneled roads when working on this. I'll clean up that orange and post it when I get a chance. I thought the white worked better and was more reminiscent of the stripes of Ewing's Knicks uniform (orange-white-orange), which was one of the aims of the concept. Also, with the orange lettering, I thought if the panel was mostly orange, the uniform would be too dominated by orange.

Ideally, the Knicks would go back to the 90's look, preferably the 2nd mid 90s one with the triangle logo rather than the early 90s version that the Knicks are using as a throwback right now. My concept tries to split the difference between the current and 90s looks, and I think it comes out pretty well.

I also think the template from sportslogos.net makes the panel look larger than it does in action. With the black outline removed, it would have an even lesser impact on the overall look.

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I like having white as the secondary colour on the blue jersey... it really pops that way.

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