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Phoenix Coyotes concepts to put on jersey


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Thinking of possibly reproducing a coyotes concept - found logos on a link on icethetics site that had some concepts that Phoenix was thinking of (but didn't use) for their 3rd jersey a few years back. Using some paint templates from here, the Coyotes concept pics, and some other simple programs made a quick mock up.

I have a set of jerseys that are like the Minnesota Wild jerseys except they use black instead of green. Don't like the crest I have on them now and thinking of making a crest using tackle twill similar to the Coyotes concepts (maybe simplified a bit).

Anyway here are 2 of the concepts (fairly similar - only mesa and cactus colours different). Which one looks better or is there anything else anyone could think of that would improve them?



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actually, i like it. They're sharp. I think the moon might be a little too much for the logo, and might work better as the basis of a secondary logo for the shoulders, and I'd like to see bigger versions of each, but I think you have a very good start here.

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