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Yet another Jets Concept


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Far from me to call this original, clean, well thought out or anything like that, I was playing NHL11 on my xbox and noticed that the Ducks third jersey template would suit the Jets really well and so I did a QUICK mock up and I think this definately has potential !

The logo is not mine and I used the Ducks third template from the database... I'm at work and quite lazy to be honest!


I like the idea of implementing the smoke trail thingy that stays in the sky after Jets zoom through the sky and the white and silver stripes do just that !

Again, don't judge on quality, only on potential !

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I might do a cleaner version tonight, I basically raped Anaheim's third to make it fit...

I only see one silver though ?? ...Not sure I'm following you :P

Whoops, I thought the white was another silver, but replace either one of those with the other.



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