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Halifax Bobcats


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I've been lurking for a bit, but I think I'm ready to contribute finally.

This is for an imaginary team. It sprouted from a random shape I created while listening to music and turned into this. It would be for a hockey team. The perspective of the lynx is loosely based on a picture I found online. I wanted the colours to feel electric, so I chose light blue.

I understand the shape isn't very realistic, so I guess it could just be Wildcats or Ice Cats (or Ice Katz lol).


C&C please, I really enjoy logo design and I think I have potential.

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This logo does have the potential, and while I do like the colors for a Halifax-based team, here's my issues with the logo.

- Fix the shading of the jaw, more specifically the white and move the bottom of it out slightly more than what you have now.

- Fix the upper row of teeth, more specifically the left fang which seems broken and slanted awkwardly. It needs to be curving downwards.

- Fix how the whiskers align with each other, and this includes the light blue shading of the right side. It needs to be uniform in it's distance from whisker to whisker.

- Fix the nose, it's way too droopy and big. It needs to be moved up a bit and a little more defined, since the left side comes down further than the right side.

- Fix the eyes, I need to be able to differentiate between the angry brows you've given him and the eye itself. It appears a little shocked than it does aggressive.

- Finally, fix the shading of the brow and head, take your time and make the dark blue trim and shading match with the actual head of the lynx more.

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Before I go forward (well, you can see signs of the update in progress), I'm wondering if I should go black or blue.


I'd stay the original colours with a dark dark navy Blue / Black highlight.

Good going tho Point1 for a first up.




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