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Sandy Alomar stole fan's Toronto jersey


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Yes, as you read, Sandy Alomar smartly stole a fan's Toronto Blue Jays jersey... and he could do it in front of a acclaiming crowd there in Cooperstown! :shocked:

Here goes the video:


WTF? Had Alomar thought that we, bleachers' habs, have plenty of bucks?!

If I would see him in the street, I won't boo him... I'll spit him!!! :D


It's great to be young and a Giant! - Larry Doyle

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Via Deadspin

How funny what is printed regarding Roberto Alomar.... Let me make important mentions that Roberto Alomar saw the "You tube" video, and very graciously reached out via e-mail to the young man that owns the T-shirt. Not only will "Kanji" receive his shirt back, but he will also be receiving extra items in a personally offered package from Roberto Alomar. Hey... Let's face it... Your T-shirt will be a part of baseball historic video footage for life! The parade was awesome... And during the parade Robbie was given several items by fans...including flags, shirts and banners. Your Blue Jay t-shirt was honored during the parade, Robbie pridefully represented the Toronto Blue Jay T-shirt.... You will get it back my friend....Trust me, Robbie has enough Blue Jay shirts! icon_smile.gif Thank you for continuing to support Roberto Alomar!
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