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Hi All:

Those of you who remember the NFL from the 70's remember NFL Properties work - the creation of team identities, wordmarking, PRO! Magaize, etc. I was on the Illustrated NFL website a while back and that gave me an idea for a historical NFL website about the 70s I am doing.

As such, I wanted to create my own team identities based on the artwork from NFL artists such as Merv Corning.

Keep in mind that for this project, I am using some pretty crappy 72 dpi pictures. The artwork is based on the concept of the artests and the time period as well.

Here is what I have done so far:

Rams (Merlin Olsen)


Jets (Joe Namath)


AFC Central (Bradshaw, Sipe (Yes gotta fix his helmet), Patorini, Anderson)


AFC Central data - standings and wins per season


Steelers (Jack Lambert)


Eagles(Harold Carmichael)


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I can see what you've been inspired by but the trouble is they all look way to mechanical. The gradients are to smooth, the outlines all to uniform and anyone who's used anything after photoshop 7 could probably name every single "artistic" filter you've used on each one.

You've done a pretty good job identifying the stylistic tendencies of the era you're looking to capture, but sadly because you've done them on a computer they feel kinda sterile compared to the originals which even if you didn't like the team portrayed you could appreciate because they were clearly works of art which had taken time effort and skill. I'm not saying you dont have these things, it doesn't come through in the designs the same way because as I said earlier it's really obvious they were done a on computer.

Not sure how to suggest fixing this issue, and to be honest I'm not entirely sure you can if you're using a computer. I'm also not entirely sure how you intend to use these images? I mean for one thing the dimensions are all different. If you are using these as some kind of icon to lead you to a particular page about a chosen team surely they should all be the same size? When you're building a website the most important thing to take into consideration is useablility and truth be told I cant see how these would be useable as identities for teams? Graphics within the page perhaps but without seeing rough layouts of your web design I just cant invision how you'd use them.


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I'm limited in the time I have to work on each and the tools I can use. I'm not a painter.

I'm not sure how this will pan out, but I thought the conceptualization would be the more important part.

Like I said the concept is great. My biggest concern is actually how they will be used rather than their execution, which is not bad. The differing sizes and the proportions of the pieces themselves could make them problematic to use as icons or such like on a website. If they are just standalones they are fine but if they are to be used for any kind of linking or navagation you may want to consider making them a uniform size.


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