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Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks Football


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This is my first year at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. It is also the first year of Division 1 athletics for the Mavericks. Unfortunately, the football and wrestling programs were cut as part of the move to D1. The school also redid their graphic identity, with two new logos and a new typeface throughout. In this concept I combined the new identity with a potential new football team, using the team's official supplier, Adidas.

Black has become the teams' primary color here at UNO, so I kept that the same here. The new maverick logo is used on the helmet. The jerseys feature a similar shoulder design to their old jerseys. The pants design is inspired by the primary O logo, which is found on the pants and back of the jersey below the collar. Black pants are the primary option, though a white set is available as well. An alternate gray helmet and jersey set is also included.



C+C is much appreciated. This also marks the first concept using my new presentation and personal branding layout.

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I really love what they did with their new identity; specifically the 'UO' logo, that's phenomenal. And I think what you did with the football uniforms here builds on that. I like the incorporation of the new logo design into the pants. In fact, I think it might be a good idea to try out that same design on the sleeves. I'm not a huge fan of how they don't match (sort of like the Texans).

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As a former Omaha resident and lifelong Nebraska fan, this is a stellar identity for the Mavs. I've been to many games at Caniglia Field and it's a shame they did away with football when they went to D1. Their old all-red look was a bit too much, and when they wrote white pants they looked too similar to the Huskers. This gives them a distinct flavor and edge.

Nice work.

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