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Florida Panthers Home modification


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Nothing too crazy here.

I never used to like the Panthers' jerseys since the Edge era, but for some reason when the red came out and they removed all the piping it started to grow on me.

This is just a modification to balance the colors out and mix some white into the jersey. Otherwise the only white is coming from the numbers/letters and a little on the logo. Plus it gives a little touch of the classic jersey.


Better, worse, lateral?

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Rather lateral, if you ask me. The stripes here and the current Northwestern stripes would be equally well executed in my mind...if not for that annoying "interrupted stripe" thing some Edge jerseys seem to insist on *coughoilerscough* Pretty solid aside from that.


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i was just wondering the other day why i think the panthers white jerseys are so many lightyears ahead of their red jersey (or old blue, or old white)... and it was because there wasn't any white in the striping on the red jersey..

this fixes that, and makes it more interesting in the process.

win win.

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