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Question Regarding Good Sites for Hockey Jerseys


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Hey Everyone---

I tried to use the search function, but I didn't see any threads regarding this. My apologies in advance if this is an often discussed topic. I come often but don't post often and I haven't seen anything.

Anyway, I really want to buy some good vintage hockey jerseys but I am very wary of the internet (see the China counterfeit thread). I know that people here are sticklers for both quality and authentication when buying a jersey. They aren't cheap obviously, but if anybody can recommend a good site or even a person on E-bay they may have experience with, it would be greatly appreciated.

I ask for vintage because if I want a current player, I'll happily go to the NHL store in New York as I live a PATH and 15 minute walk away. Also, if people are not from the NYC area, if you are in the city on business or vacation, definitely check out the store. The people are usually really cool and despite the prices being high (it is NYC after all), it's just cool being in a store for only hockey. Thanks very much for any help that can be provided.


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Wow thanks. Do you have personal experience with this site? I'm looking at the site and it seems pretty legit. They appear to be a wholesaler and that's usually where the best prices are because if you buy in bulk most companies give a break.

Does anyone else have experience with this site? I must admit Im a very big stickler BUT if it's legit as you said, I could grab a Selanne jets jersey and even a Broten north stars haha. Thanks so much.

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I've ordered a handful of times from SportsK before, and they are legit. Their merchandise is authentic and their customization is really high quality. It's been several years since I've bought anything customized from them, but I doubt the quality of their work has changed. This is the exact Flames Koho authentic alternate jersey I bought from them, years back:


Incidentally, I think you have the right idea about lettering vintage jerseys. I hate it when players get moved - I have four Flames jerseys (Iginla, Phaneuf, Savard, Regehr) and three are outdated. Every time I see that Marc Savard jersey I think of what could have been. That trade to the Thrashers for Ruslan Zainullin affects me on a day-to-day basis as much as Matt Cooke's elbow affects Savvy. (I kid.)

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does anybody know if this site is legit? thank you!


and I know there are many wholesalers on ebay that sell hockey jerseys, can anybody tell me if this one is legit too? thanks!


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Not sure if you are looking for replica, authentic, or pro game used.

The people on Icejerseys forum are sticklers for getting jerseys and customization right.

They have a trading post; a few replicas but mostly authentic and some game used.


This site has some links to popular auction sites for game used jerseys. also, has other resources for jersey collectors.


Meigray sometimes has some interesting jerseys - they have a "clearance" section.

Can't really help you if looking for a replica - I usually get mine from my local thrift stores, on ebay from various people/companies, locally on kijiji, and sometimes trade with a fellow local "collector".

Only company I got from online directly was from River City Sports in Winnipeg - they sometimes have good sales, but I'm not sure how expensive it is to ship to the states. I got a Milwaukee Admirals 3rd jersey (my only Reebok jersey) from them and the Vancouver yellow 'V' CCM vintage jersey a while back and was satisfied with both.

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