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Miami Marlins Concept


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I tried to simplify their logo a little bit. I got rid of the yellow because it's almost non existent anywhere else in their set. I wanted to use the red-orange and light blue a little more and cut down on the black. I also elminated silver as an accent color. It really clutters up the set IMO. I also made it so that the Marlin is jumping in front of the 'M' instead of hiding behind it. Instead of a having a base color for the wordmark, I made blue and orange share an equal amount of space. I made sure that I added a thin white line to separate the blue and orange while acting as an outline color. A thin black outline wraps it all up. I made the wordmark out of bits and pieces of the 'M'. Two primaries, three alternates.



C&C please. Thank you.

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I quite like this, but are we now calling the team the "Miami Miamis"? I'd try to work in the new "Marlins" script somehow.

Hahaha, thanks. I'll make a match "Marlins" script.

Better than what the Marlins currently have however, The black in the logo of the first 4 unis looks a bit out of place

I hear you. I wanted to added some white into the logo, but the two outlines took up so much space that the orange/blue in the logo was almost non-existant.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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