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Football Jersey Sizing Charts....


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I know it's been brought up before, but I'm curious if anyone knows of any sizing charts for jerseys...

I know they vary a little by brand.

Puma, Reebok, Nike are who I'm mainly interested in, unless anybody else has made pro jerseys in the last 5 or so years. I guess MAYBE Champion.

Anyway, I probably need an Adult Small. I could actually manage a Youth L or XL though probably.

Thanks for any help.

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they have a sizing chart on the titans official website, however it's not very accurate at all.

they say i should be wearing an XL, but an NFL Equipment XL is huge on me. i could fit shoulder pads under it, and i'm a pretty large individual (about 5'11, 225)... so when i bought one of their reduced-price jevon kearse jerseys this past week, i decided to take a chance and down-size the order for once. i got a large... 2 days later it showed up, and it fit me perfectly. like a baggy t-shirt.. according to the NFL Equipment sizing chart, there's no way in hell that thing should fit me, but it fits like a dream.

so my best suggestion is to go to a store near you that sells these things, and just try one on to find out what size you want to buy in that brand...

to sum it up, Reebok XL = a tent. Puma XL = fits me. Reebok L = perfect fit. Puma L = doll clothes.

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I'm 5'11" 155-160, and here's what I've gathered from the jerseys I own.

adidas M: A little snug, but wearable.

adidas L: A little big, but wearable.

Puma L: Fits me fine.

Reebok Equipment L: Perfect.

Reebok Equipment XL: As expected, quite big. Still wearable, kinda.

Pre-Equipment Reebok L: A little smaller than the Equipment L, but still a decent fit.

Equipment XL > adidas L > Equipment L > Pre-E Reebok L > Puma L > Adidas M


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