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Re-jerseying the AHL


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It's been awhile since I've done any concepts around here so I figured I'd tackle something I've never done, the AHL. Just a forewarning, there may be a few rebrands but it'll mostly be redoing uniforms.

We're starting off with the Marlies, I've done a concept similar to this for the big club a few years ago so I figured it to be the natural starting point.

Not much else to say, everything is pretty self explanatory.



C&C always appreciated.

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Looks a little odd with the light blue only outlining the logo and nowhere else. I like the striping pattern you used, and the number on the pant leg is a nice touch, but maybe try adding the light blue outline to all the numbers, too? It might make the set look more cohesive (and further differentiate them from their parent club).

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So here's the double blue Marlies. We all know the proper way to do a blue/blue hockey sweater is the U of Maine way OR the Pens original Winter Classic getup. Well, those have already been done, so I wanted something along those lines that can stand the test of time - even though in the AHL, that's kind of an oxymoron.

If you can tell, I just modified my original Maple Leafs stripes to fit the demand and also work better with the Marlies logo.

Upgrade? Downgrade? Speak up!



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You're gonna be so mad, but I prefer the original. The better way to have continuity between logo and sweater would probably be to drop the light blue from the logo. I say this because St. John's already has its parent team's double blue, so the Marlies should probably have their parent team's...single blue?

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