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Seattle Seahawks Concept


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Based off of this concept that I made a while ago, except with improved numbers, an away jersey, and a new template. I was inspired by seeing the new Nike gloves and the ensuing argument over whether the Seahawks were adding silver. The double stripe theme is based off of the logo itself. On the helmet, the logo stretches across the entire helmet (hence why there isn't any helmet stripe).


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I actually REALLY like what you've done except for one thing, all concept makers and real NFL teams, especially "classic" NFL teams that still try and use horizontal sleeve stripes, where there are no sleeves, it's time to stop. Either get rid of sleeve stripes all together because sleeve "bars" that don't go all the way around don't work and look terrible or on a team by team lever or at the league level mandate no alterations to the sleeves, period!!!



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