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New Memphis Grizzlies logo


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Two threads worth of debate and public sentiment seems to be see-sawing back-and-forth.

Bottom line: it's a "meh" logo.

The real entertainment value is to be found in the Grizzlies' over-the-top press release justifying the various elements at play in the logo. :D I haven't stopped laughing. If you haven't read it yet, give it a gander... it's priceless.

Brian in Boston

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Since it wasnt posted in color.

simple, but effective.

Im sure GMS has something better going on, and i wish they would have gotten their hands on that, but it looks very similar to what they had, just without the body.

I will also miss the paw logo, one of the better ones in the NBA.

Im not crazy about all the blues, even though im generally a big fan, but the bluejays typeface is horrible.

I hope they dont look like the mavs unis. ick.

id give it a b-

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What I think is the logo is a good logo. The uniforms will make or break how this logo does. Ugly uniforms - ugly logo. Jammin uniforms - jammin logo. I just wanna see the whole package cause they could make some hot jerseys with this logo.

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