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Providence hosting the AHL All-Star game


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Unlike the Portland logo I think the Providence one screams Rhode Island. At least in the local providence arts scene.

For Portland, I think they should've used a lighthouse motif, like the 2003 logo:


The 2010 one is just so...plain and uninspired. The opposite of the city itself.

The AHL really picked up All-Star logos following the 2010 Portland disaster



(though I don't really like the 2012 one)

...and this has been your RedSox44 Mainejack. Carry on.


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The anchor is such a cop-out. Lately everything that goes to represent anything in RI has an anchor. It's like they've run out of ideas.

I mean, style-wise it is a huge upgrade over the '95 logo..


But considering a Shepard Fairey mural just went up downcity about a year ago, you'd think they'd at least attempt to do something a bit more stylish.


Not saying they should have slapped the OBEY giant all over it, but even taking a hint of inspiration from the great emerging art scene in Providence would have been nice. Instead, they settle for something that will be looked at in 20 years as "one of those logos from the twenty-teens"

They used no real symbolism from the city, where there is a lot of imagery to choose from.

Basically, if they had contacted me, I would have done something better. I'm just really disappointed at the P Bruins, and even the city of Providence as a whole. This lump of generic waste pretty much epitomizes what has happened since Mayor Cianci went to prison, and the "Providence Renaissance" ended.



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I like the symbolism of the anchor, even if it is overdone. I should have been able to figure that out since the anchor is on the RI license plate. In Tennessee we have that same issue with the three star circle from the state flag being incorporated into lots of stuff, but it's instantly recognizable.

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