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  1. The Rams’ last game in royal and yellow was Super Bowl XXXIV And then raised the banner in this: The Rockets won back-to-back titles in these And then immediately switched to these Are there any others?
  3. Awful. Not Falcons-level bad but these are not good. Let’s start with the pros: I like the number font The new helmet is fine Cons: Why do they have wordmark patches? Why are they different on each uniform? Other teams with permanent patches have patches that don’t look incongruous with the rest of the jersey — here it looks like someone forgot to peel off a sticker. And for as bad as the ones on the blue jersey are, they don’t hold a candle to the atrociousness of the ones on the bone jersey. I mean look at this :censored:: Why is it white, and not bone? Why is there a stupid incomplete yellow stitch? Speaking of bone, it looks just as bad as everyone anticipated. Looks unwashed, way more than the Pats’ silver-grey alternates from the 00s did.0 I could understand not putting TV numbers on the Pats and Chargers unis, because they had other shoulder elements. Here it makes no sense — there’s literally a blank space! Is it just me or do the royal pants and jerseys not match?
  4. I actually really like the Steelers’ numbers. When they’re regular block the uniforms look merely good. When they’re in italicized futura they’re great.
  5. Besides the lack of silver pants, the number and NOB font changes seem to be people’s biggest issues with them. I’m pretty split myself. I guess I need to see all the numbers and the whole alphabet before I can really say one way or another. Sure, the old numbers and fonts were cheesy, but they were ours.
  6. Lmao Jesus. Is there anything the alt-right hasn’t ruined?
  7. Obvious answer here is the Paw Sox before they adopted their current identity. It’s literally just a Red Sox jersey! The Portland Sea Dogs also had pinstripes when they were the Marlins’ affiliate from 1994-2002
  8. St. Louis is clearly a Cards 1st, Blues 2nd city. An NFL team (or NBA team, but the NBA is never coming to STL) would always be behind those two teams. Always. An NFL team could succeed there, as long as it has sustained success. After the Greatest Show on Turf years ended, Rams attendance fell off in STL — because it was always the third team behind the Cards and the Blues.
  9. For most of the Celtics dynasty the league had nine teams. All but one year they were facing the Lakers or the Hawks in the finals, too — and a lot of those series went six or seven games! What the Patriots accomplished since 2001 is unfathomable in the modern era, where parity is designed into every facet of the league. It is astonishing that anyone could claim that the 60s Celtics were more impressive.
  10. How about this: young, handsome Tony Dungy in creamsicle Bucs gear, his first year as head coach.
  11. The Pat Patriot-era Pats sans UCLA stripes. There’s a reason why the throwbacks always had the UCLA stripes.
  12. I think these get a lot of hate, but I love them (not as much as the 1990-2008 and 2014- roads, ofc).
  13. The Krafts did not change the uniforms three times in the 90s — the original move from Pat Patriot to Flying Elvis happened under James Orthwein (1993) who sought to move the team to St. Louis and couldn’t because Kraft (who owned Foxboro Stadium) wouldn’t let him out of the lease. A frustrated Orthwein sold Kraft the team in 1994. One might be able to link the adoption of new uniforms and a new logo to Orthwein’s desire to move the team: break traditional links between the fanbase and the team. But apparently the Krafts liked it, too! You may be able to blame Kraft for the changes in 1994, and you can definitely blame him for adopting the greatest uniforms in history.
  14. Never seen this before, and I want it immensely.
  15. Nobody cared about the New England Patriots before then, either.
  16. They’re another red team. There is nothing unique or recognizable about their identity, nothing memorable about it, which I think explains some of the A” patches — a way to try to give something that’s dead, life. And they need to put “Los Angeles” or “Anaheim” on their road jerseys.
  17. The Angles have some of the worst unis in the MLB.
  18. They’re gonna shrink the letters like they do with Duvernay-Tardif, I guarantee.
  19. The Pats will never be primarily red again. Too much history with the blue, and the blue predates Kraft’s ownership of the team.
  20. Fox would be insane not to put the Bucs non-national games on in New England.
  21. Of course, the best play of Vinatieri's entire career happened in those unis...
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