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  1. Dear god, Rick Perry. That logo is awful. At least we won't have to deal with it for long. I like O'Malley's logo, though it reminds me of one of Obama's rejected 2008 logos with all the speech bubbles: From this article you should all enjoy:
  2. To paraphrase Morgo up thread: meh.
  3. That :censored:ing yellow though... But it takes a certain talent to :censored: up Celtic kits. Not that they haven't tried:
  4. She was a CEO, so it's unsurprising that her logo evokes a product. Carson's logo would be better with a darker blue. But the gold is a nice change of pace in campaigning.
  5. Obama, McCain and Romney both just added their running mates name to their logos, save maybe slightly changing up the font:
  6. RedSox44

    CANADA 150

    The logo's fine and a lot of the complaining sounds like sour grapes.
  7. how many times does a logo have to be compared to toothpaste before they stop going with that look. At least his logo isn't a glob of it like Romney's: Also any candidate that uses Trajan deserves to lose. EDIT: although just now I am seeing Aquafresh influences beneath the "Bernie".
  8. He's here: Seeing him and Ted Cruz go head to head would be fun. Also you'd expect more red from a self-described socialist.
  9. They are probably told to talk so that there wouldn't be any dead air.
  10. Must be eerie for the players. Ever since little league they've always had crowds, even if it's just a dozen people.
  11. Clearly the solution is to not have them pitch, but replace them with machines. Yes. Because David Ortiz is a machine.
  12. The Hillary logo has grown on me, especially seeing as they're not using the red-blue version as much. I dig the rainbow-H. In the next week Sanders, Fiorina, Carson and Huckabee will all announce. The lot of them don't inspire much confidence logo-wise.
  13. The I in the "I <3 H" sign is an H sideways. Is it bad that I kinda like that?
  14. Roma have been spectacular since 2011 at least. Hugely disappointing.