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Sarnia Sting


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I intended to post this one in bee speak. Then I realized that would get really annoying after the first sentence. So here goes the Sarnia Sting.


The two pants sets would be interchangeable, though I felt gold breezers would make for a nice change of pace. I considered throwing in a honeycomb pattern somewhere, but then decided against it cus I've done that for damn near every bee or hornet-themed team I've ever done at least once, and may as well have one where I didn't. Thus, the horizontal pinstripes on the alt, based on the alt beehive. Complete with semi-random bees buzzing around on the sleeves and back.

Speak on it, and move like Jagger.

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Why do people keep trying light colored pants in hockey? Most players don't even like red pants because they're see through when you sweat. They don't work. they never will work. They look terrible.

With something like this, designed to be busy, you need other things to be as plain as possible. That's why the plain sleeves work (though I'd be in favor of just a little yellow at the ends). Having the pants with its own set of stripes will only make it more cluttered. Keep it nice and simple with plain black pants for all sets.

And that third...it's just too much. Get rid of the horizontal pinstripes and the buzzing bees, and you might have something.

I like the home and road a lot. Has a 50s vibe to it and would probably look great on the ice, less the yellow pants, of course

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the gold pants: Eh, I figured it was worth trying, seeing as the Bruins tried it for a few years in the 50s. That, and I kinda like Niagra's gray pants. And it wouldn't be one of my normal posts without at least one questionable choice.

the gold alt: again, I felt it was worth trying, seeing as I wouldn't exactly be revisiting the Victoriaville Tigres set I'd posted a couple years ago.

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I actually really like the primaries. However, as hockey week mentioned, gold pants just don't work. While "empty" sleeves work, I'd still put something at the end. The alt is too busy, though. Ditch th flying bees and put the horizontal stripes where the black is now (gold on black). It may not work, but IMO, it's worth trying.

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They're a little buzzzzzzzy...

Actually, I really like these. I'd love to see the yellow pants/black sweater combo with yellow helmets.

You're random flying bees get lost on the striped background, but I like that idea.

How about a flying bee patterned material, like a wallpaper, for the sweater's material.

No striping. Just numbers and logo on a swarming mass of angry bees.

As I've said before, your work is always interesting.

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