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Soccer Concepts - (Tottenham Hotspur added)


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Here's some designs I've made recently, I usually set out to make a template which suits a brand's style then I'll change the colours to fit with a team who either has an interesting colour scheme/history/culture or maybe just caught my eye with previous kits they've worn in the past. Most of the teams you'll see in this thread won't be with their actual kit suppliers and I pretty much exclusively use the club's official logo.

I'm gonna post the most recent kits I've done but may post older ones if I get chance to.

Rapid Wien (Vienna)

When adidas first released their hooped Rapid Wien shirt back in 2005 I was amazed by how innovative it was, although not the first time they've worn hoops, as for most of Rapid's history they've either had plain green shirts or stripes. So here I've revisited that shirt and added a current Nike twist on it with the spiked style hoops and large cuffs, I've also tried to incorporate the red and white Austrian flag in both the collar and cuffs and to help that not look too out of place made the Nike logo red also.

The away, which is usually just an after thought, uses Rapid's historic away colours of dark blue and red also with a Nike twist.


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Barca have had a couple of halved kits in their recent jersey history but in no way are these related. This is more a rehash of another old Adidas Rapid away kit, using the red and blue halves (the teams original colours back in 1899), take a look here to see the look I was going for.

Real Betis - http://kitstrikotcamisasmaillot.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/real-betis.html

The manufacturer for this kit is Joma, a Spanish manufacturer who IRL currently produce kits for the likes of Valencia, Getafe, Standard Liege and Once Caldas. A lot of Joma designs are asymmetrical and that's what I ran with here in the panels of the shirt on the sleeves. Another former shirt inspired me with this just like the previous Rapid shirt, and that is this Kappa number back in 2002, you'll see that the shirt is totally devoid of a manufacturer logo on the front of the shirt giving even more of an asymmetrical feel, the away kit to these collection of kits also had one sleeve in a different colour which I again used in this design. The Cirsa sponsor logo is ugly but I've included it to add a level of realism as it is what is used on the current kit at this present time.

The away kit uses the same template with a different colour scheme inpired by another line of Kappa Betis shirts, this time from 2006



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Sporting Charleroi http://kitstrikotcamisasmaillot.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/sporting-charleroi.html

Are a Belgian team currently languishing in the country's second tier of it's football pyramid but were once a consistent name in the Premier Division. I have a good friend from Charleroi and the team has a recently has has a pretty unique design style so I really wanted to try something original here.

The team are nicknamed 'The Zebras' and play in black and white, a couple of their strips have included zebra pattern stripes something I wanted to see if i could to in a less tacky way which is what the sleeves are all about here. I used pink as a tertiary colour here on the collar and logos as they have used this before IRL and in the grand scheme of world soccer it is pretty unusual to see, only maybe Libertad in Paraguay has had something similar before and Racing Avellaneda of Argentina but they were blue and white stripes.

The away kit is taking the pink to another level, but this has been done before under the tutelage of Errea, also with black shoulders and sleeves giving this a big enough contrast in colour from the home shirt to be a valid away.



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Time for something a little less obscure

Bologna F.C. http://kitstrikotcamisasmaillot.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/bologna-fc-1909.html

I've stuck with Bologna IRL manufacturer, Italian makers Macron, their normal designs are very hit and miss, sometimes they produce great looking kits sometimes absolute dog turd, but I've tried to go on the upper end of the scale here you'll be please to know.

Here I've tried to go for a classic Bologna look with halves instead of a central stripe they've sometimes used. I've also tried incorporating a more modern look such as the gradient of stripes within each colours half and on the sleeves too. The mesh design is also pretty modern looking with the curves on the sleeve to the back and also the around the collar. Bologna don't currently have a sponsor so that's been left blank as per real life. On the back of the collar I've added the word 'Libertas' which comes directly from the city's coat of arms .

The away is also the usual look for a Bologna away shirt with a diagonal sash of rossoblù at a 45 degree angle completely uninterrupted till the bottom of the shirt.



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A couple of Croatia concepts now. My favourite kit Croatia have had in their relatively short international football history is one from 1996 made by Lotto white feature a great deal of white compared what they use now. That shirt also didn't have a uniform chequer pattern which I've tried to implement here. I also did a red version as I feel they can just as equally play in red, although I don't like the way it has turned out as much.

Croatia http://kitstrikotcamisasmaillot.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/croatia-hrvatska.html



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I really like Bolivia's set. The blue jersey for Columbia however looks weird. It kind of reminds me of a baseball vest. I like this series though, way to stay determined with posting your concepts, even though no one had given you C & C.



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I really like Bolivia's set. The blue jersey for Columbia however looks weird. It kind of reminds me of a baseball vest. I like this series though, way to stay determined with posting your concepts, even though no one had given you C & C.


I think the blue Colombian shirt looks odd mainly because there isn't another shirt like it around, by that I mean no teams wear blue with yellow sleeves (that I can think of off the top of my head). It was also difficult coming up with something that looked different enough from Ecuador since they're composed of the same colours.

Here are the rest of my South American set, it will be back to random club sides after.

Peru - http://kitstrikotcamisasmaillot.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/peru.html



Uruguay - http://kitstrikotcamisasmaillot.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/uruguay.html



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